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Once you select the BrainPro program for your child, you’ll be asked to choose a BrainPro Consultant who will help your child get the most from the program by:

Our Consultants

BrainPro Consultants have – on average – 20 years of educational experience. Your BrainPro Consultant will monitor your child’s progress and communicate with you remotely, via email and/or phone calls – providing you with detailed information on how to help your child with exercises she finds more challenging. You can select a BrainPro Consultant based on criteria that’s important to you: educational background, professional specialty, years of experience, or even time zone.

Barbara H. Bach (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Professional specialty: Speech, Language, Literacy and Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Education: B.S. Speech and Communication Sciences, University of Pittsburgh; M.S. Speech and Language Pathology, Columbia University
  • Accreditations: CCC-SLP; ASHA Certification
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  • State licensure: NY
  • Experienced with Fast ForWord products since 2005

Barbara Bach is a dynamic Speech/Language Pathologist certified by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. Her professional experience over the past 30 years has been concentrated in the area of language-based learning disorders. Throughout her career she has provided therapeutic services for children and young adults. Her work in hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers, as well as specialized and mainstream schools, has provided her a unique perspective on the needs of children and their families. As a sought-after speaker and mentor, Ms. Bach regularly teaches in-service courses and workshops for teachers, speech pathologists and other related professionals. Fast ForWord programs have become an integral part of her therapeutic intervention. "The positive changes that children evidence after completing their Fast ForWord programs are always exciting!"

Geri Drexler M.A., CCC/SLP (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Professional specialty: Speech, Language, and Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Education: B.A, speech therapy, Douglass College, Rutgers University, M.A., speech pathology, Newark State College (now Keane University), Post graduate studies, Columbia Univ., deaf education
  • Accreditations: CCC-SLP; ASHA certification
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  • State licensure: FL
  • Experienced with Fast ForWord products since 1997

Geri Drexler has been a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist for more than 40 years. She has been a Fast ForWord® Provider for 12 years and now works exclusively with off-site clients all across the country. Geri has specialized in working with children who struggle to learn all of her career and has worked extensively with children with autism, language/learning disabilities and reading disorders. She prides herself on helping parents to achieve extraordinary results in their child's language and listening skills using the Fast ForWord Products. Geri feels that there is nothing as powerful to help children with autism to gain improved language and listening skills with increased attention and give and take communication with other children and adults as the Fast ForWord family of products.

Ann Gordon (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Professional specialty: Auditory processing, reading, language learning disabilities, attention deficit, autism, apraxia and hearing impairment
  • Education: B.A. Brooklyn College of the City University of New York and M.A. Queens College of the City University of New York in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Accreditations: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competence
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  • State licensure: Speech-Language Pathology, NY
  • Experienced with Fast ForWord products since 1997

Ann E. Gordon is a Speech-Language Pathologist in private practice for over 30 years. She has been a Fast ForWord provider since her involvement in the original research trials in 1996. She has been recognized by Scientific Learning as a skilled provider. Ann has expertise in working with young children, adolescents and adults with a range of reading, language and learning difficulties. She is passionate about helping individuals reach their learning potential.

Karen Slotnick (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Professional specialty: Speech, Language, and Learning Disorders in Children and Adults
  • Education: Hunter College, NY, MA in Communication Sciences
  • Accreditations: Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
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  • State licensure: NY
  • Experienced with Fast ForWord products since 1997

Karen Slotnick is Director of the Speech, Language and Learning Center at Beth Israel Medical Center. She has been a provider of Fast ForWord since its inception and continues to be professionally rewarded and inspired by the dramatic changes it has made in the lives of the children and adults in her care. Though based in New York City, she has had extensive experience providing her Fast ForWord expertise to families all over the United States and Canada.

Jolene Seabourn (Central Time Zone)
  • Professional specialty: Pediatric Speech, Language, and Learning Disorders
  • Education: University of North Texas, Bachelor of Science, Secondary Education and University of North Texas, Master of Science, Communication Disorders
  • Accreditations: Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
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  • State licensure: TX
  • Experienced with Fast ForWord products since 1997

Jolene Seabourn has over 30 years of experience working with individuals who have speech, language, and learning disorders including children with autism, attention deficits, and auditory processing disorders. Ms. Seabourn has extensive experience working as a co-team leader for families using applied behavior analysis methodologies with their children with autism. She was a presenter at the Regional Conference on Behavior Analysis and the Texas Speech Language Hearing Association on Designing Early Intervention Programs for Children with Autism. Having been a provider for Fast ForWord products since 1997, Ms. Seabourn was recently awarded the Pat Wilson Award for outstanding implementation of the Fast ForWord products.

Pamela Hyink (Pacific/Mountain Time Zone)
  • Professional specialty: Speech, Language, and Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Education: University of Colorado, BA in Speech & Hearing Science, University of Northern Colorado, Masters in Speech Pathology
  • Accreditations: Certificate of Clinical Competance from American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
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  • Experienced with Fast ForWord products since 1997

Pam has been an ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologist for over 40 years specializing in therapy for children with speech, language and auditory processing needs. She has worked as a public school speech therapist, instructor at the University of Colorado, a guest instructor at the University of Northern Colorado and a private practitioner. Additionally, she has worked as a speech therapist in India and Mexico, co-authored a child development scale, and has written numerous funded grant proposals developing therapy services for children in the U. S. and internationally. She has been using Scientific Learning products in her private practice for over 17 yrs. Currently, in addition to her private practice, Pam continues as a consultant for the public schools, guest lectures at the University, and speaks at local and state speech therapy and teacher conferences. Her passion is helping children and adults with their speech, language, and auditory needs as well as helping other professionals understand the impact auditory problems can have on a child. According to Pam, "Everyone deserves the opportunity to function at their potential."

Joan Klein (Pacific/Mountain Time Zone)
  • Professional specialty: Auditory Processing, Learning Disabilities, Autism, ADD, Reading, Writing, Nonverbal learning disorders, IEP support, social skills, and locating appropriate school settings
  • Education: Adelphi University, BA and California Lutheran University, MS Special Education
  • Accreditations: Mild to Moderate Special Education Teacher, Professional Educational Therapist, Certified Provider for Advanced Brain Technology, Western Psychological Association Provider for Sensory Integration Assessments
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  • Experienced with Fast ForWord products since 1999

Joan Klein is a Professional Educational Therapist in private practice. Prior to being in Private Practice, she was a Special Education Teacher for Ten years. Assessments, IEP meetings and Student Success Team meetings were part of her days. Joan has worked with families with many kinds of learning differences which include Auditory Processing Disorder, Attention, Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Memory issues, and students who require specialized support for Autism and Asperger Syndrome. The changes observed after completing the Fast ForWord program have been a wonderful reward for the work done with all of the students.

Janet Schubert (Pacific/Mountain Time Zone)
  • Professional specialty: Learning and language disabilities, processing disorders and brain injury
  • Education: B.S. Psychology, Brigham Young University; Master's of Education, School Psychology, Brigham Young University; Psychology Specialist Degree, Brigham Young University
  • Accreditations: Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, State of ID Endorsement School Psychologist
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  • Post-graduate training emphasis: Cognitive behavioral therapy and neuroscience evidence-based interventions; University of Tennessee, Biofeedback
  • State licensure: ID
  • Experienced with Fast ForWord products since 2000

Janet Schubert has been a practicing school psychologist and licensed counselor with over 15 years experience improving learning challenges. She has enthusiastically used Fast ForWord products since 2000. Janet believes the neuroscience foundation of Fast ForWord is the most effective method to empower her clients and students to be successful lifelong learners. Seeing her clients improve and experience the joy of successful learning with Fast ForWord products continues to motivate her.

Janet has specialized in working with learners of all ages with processing disorders such as ADHD, auditory processing disorders, head injury, stroke, dyslexia, Asperger's syndrome and nonverbal learning disability.

Virginia Slauson (Pacific/Mountain Time Zone)
  • Professional specialty: Specific learning disabilities including dyslexia, auditory processing, sensory integration, attention, memory, organization, and behavior issues.
  • Education: MA, Colorado State University; Special Education Certification, University of Northern Colorado
  • Accreditations: Colorado Professional Teacher License, with Endorsement for K-12 Educationally Handicapped; Certified Provider for Fast ForWord, Interactive Metronome, and The Listening Program; Trainer for Visual Phonics
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  • Experienced with Fast ForWord products since 1997

Ginny has nearly 30 years experience as a special education teacher and IEP team leader, as well as experience with student support teams, Title 1, and 504 plans. She now works privately to help children develop auditory processing, attention, working memory, and literacy skills. Ginny established and moderates the Yahoo group "Tools for Learning," which supports Fast ForWord professionals and is open to parents. She is committed to working closely with parents. She believes in enhancing learning abilities rather than just accommodating for weaknesses, and has found Fast ForWord to be the most powerful tool available for developing competent and confident learners.

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