Welcome to the Party!
Welcome to the party! The Eddy’s Number Party!® game is a kindergarten readiness app that gets young children counting, matching numbers, and improving memory and attention, all while getting ready for Eddy’s big surprise party! Children collect balloons, toss presents, track party hats, and earn stickers as they gather friends to bring to Eddy’s party.

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Numbers and MatchingNumbers & Matching

Children practice counting, listening, and matching while helping the dogs prep for the party. In Levels 1 and 2, the numbers 1 to 10 are matched to different groups of party objects. Level 3 introduces the element of strategy — make all the matches in as few moves as possible to win the race! Level 4 builds on the challenge of Level 3 by adding in memory demands — make all of the matches to find the hidden present! At all levels, fun bonus activities add variety and interest, while reinforcing the same key skills.

Numbers and MatchingBuilt with World-Class Cognitive Development and Neuroscience Experts

Designed in collaboration with leading scientists and educational experts, the Eddy’s Number Party! game is guided by the latest research on how the brain learns best. As each level of play is mastered, children develop the critical cognitive skills that prepare them to thrive in school and become lifelong learners–such as selective attention (the ability to focus on task-relevant information) and working memory (the ability to keep information in mind and work with it to complete a task).

Just–In–Time Helpful Hints

Hints or helpful demonstrations are provided when a child struggles with a new challenge, empowering the child to get it right next time. The difficulty level continuously adapts to keep each child challenged without getting frustrated.

In-App Sticker Play!

As each learning level is mastered, a new funny "talking" sticker is awarded. Children love collecting all the stickers to create their own puppy party, using their imagination to engage in unlimited creative play!

Grown-Up Central

Grown–Up Central is a unique view providing parents with an overview of the game’s goals and objectives, tours of all game levels, a visual report card of their child’s progress, and help and support.

What People are Saying...

"A hidden gem! Kids will love learning while they play, and the parent guide is a bonus for parents who are trying to prep little ones for kindergarten...5 Stars"

"Must have kids app!!!"

"…an engaging new app that will have your little one so entertained, they won’t realize they are learning the entire time."

"The concepts are all right on target, and mixing up the FUN with the different antics for each game makes this app completely engaging."

"…well designed, simple to use, colorful and very interesting for the little ones."

KinderTown"We will be looking for more quality apps to come from Kinderspark."

Featured in iPad Apps for Kids for Dummies"What makes this math app so good is its support system and the way it automatically adapts in difficulty…This built-in support is rare in children's apps and makes this app rise above the hundreds of other counting apps."
 iPad Apps For Kids For Dummies by Jinny Gudmundsen

Kinderspark logoThe Kinderspark® Series

The Kinderspark® series is a collection of engaging iPad games that help young children build kindergarten readiness skills and excel in learning. Our "secret sauce" is the pairing of cognitive development research with curriculum. We think of it as learning disguised as fun! The Eddy’s Number Party! game is the first app in the Kinderspark series. Be sure to check back for more games with Eddy and his friends!